Here are the newest workouts focused on community, technology, and restoration that are motivating more people to exercise.

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1. Classes that burn massive amounts of calories
1. Classes that burn massive amounts of calories

High intensity interval training (HIIT) still rules the number one spot on the American College of Sport’s Medicine’s list of the most popular fitness trends for 2018.

hat’s not surprising, as everyone wants to walk into a class and get the maximum results for their efforts, says Burn 60 master trainer, Andrew Schuth.

Classes at California-based Burn 60 follow a format that alternates between bouts on the treadmill and functional training intervals on the floor all under the watchful eye of the trainer.

While one group is burning it up on the treadmills, the other is on the floor performing exercises, such as one-minute of burpees, and using various types of equipment.

“We do different moves to create muscle confusion and we try to keep you moving so your heart rate is elevated and you burn more calories,” says Schuth.

Participants can expect to burn anywhere from 500 to 900 calories during the one-hour class and see results within the first two weeks

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