For those looking to purchase their first pair of hearing aids, the cost can come as a real shock. Despite their tiny size, hearing aids commonly retail in the thousands-of-dollars range. With this considerable price tag, it’s no wonder many would-be hearing aid buyers put off their decision to get hearing aids until they feel they ‘really’ need to do something about their hearing.

Although this decision seems a reasonable one, research shows that those who do something about their hearing earlier are often far more successful hearing aid wearers in the long-term. This is because those that begin to wear hearing aids from when they first notice mild hearing difficulties, find it much easier to adjust to the sound of their devices. In this instance, the new wearer only has to adjust to a small amount of amplification.

Those that have a more significant hearing loss, often require a larger amount of amplification, and adjustment to the hearing aid is more complex. It often takes a more considerable amount of time for the brain to accept the volume and sound quality changes, and when this happens the wearer can often reject the use of a hearing aid altogether.

Despite this, it still seems quite the dilemma to pay thousands of dollars for hearing aids when you regard your hearing difficulties as relatively mild. And if you are fitted with hearing aids and have found them to be “useful” but still cannot really justify the substantial cost, then there are other alternatives you can consider.

The recent release of Australia’s first low cost hearing aid, the Jaspa 3 digital hearing aid, has allowed entry into affordable technology which holds the same high-quality micro-chip found in hearing aids that cost thousands of dollars. The Jaspa 3 works for those with mild to severe hearing loss, and offers the user easy access to volume control and 4 programs to choose from.

The Jaspa 3 size

For those who have tried expensive hearing aids, and derived benefit from the aids, but couldn’t justify the price, the Jaspa 3 is a perfect affordable entry into hearing aid usage. The Jaspa 3 hearing aid is also commonly used in Australian audiology clinics as a high quality ‘back-up’ device for audiology clientele.

At $429 per device, the Jaspa 3 is a fraction of the cost of other hearing aids. It is a broad-prescription device and there is no requirement for a hearing assessment or fitting. The Jaspa 3 hearing aid is delivered direct to you and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and free delivery.

To order the Jaspa 3 Hearing Aid online or find out more, go to or call 1300 240 114

This is a sponsored article produced in partnership with Found Hearing

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