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1. Your surgical history
1. Your surgical history
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When you first see a new doctor because you switched jobs and or relocated to a new town, you’ll be filling out tons of medical forms.

A biggie in the long slew of ‘yes’ and ‘no’ checkboxes refers to your surgical history.

From minor procedures to major operations, US plastic surgeon Dr David Shafer says being honest about your past will help alleviate complications in your future.

Though many of his surgeries are elective, every surgeon needs background info to minimise your risk for scar tissue, reactions and more.

“I always find it concerning when a patient tells me they have never had surgery, and when I examine them they have what are clearly facelift incisions,” he shares.

Surgeons have our lives in their hands, but most of us know more about the people who cut our hair than the doctors who cut our bodies.

Here, insider tips to become a smarter, healthier patient.

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