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The mineral that will keep a spring in your step
The mineral that will keep a spring in your step
Elektra Magnesium

Many researchers call magnesium ‘the anti-aging mineral’.  The body uses magnesium to rest, recover from stress, produce energy, conduct bio-electricity, detox, make new cells and strengthen bones.

Magnesium provides more shock absorbing capacity for bones because it has a strong affinity with water, helping it enter cells. With magnesium present, cells hydrate better, can detoxify more efficiently, and function more optimally via electrical conductance.  How are you going to rinse your dishes clean without enough water?

Magnesium is arguably the most important mineral electrolyte in the body because of its central role in the making of our cellular energy batteries – adenosine triphosphate (ATP) – by mitochondria. It has also been found in studies to be a superior natural calcium channel blocker without negative side effects, compared to statin drugs.

Magnesium controls the use of calcium in the body via the guarding of these calcium channels in the cell membrane. When we need to squeeze and use muscles, magnesium comes out of the channels and calcium moves in (as calcium exerts an attractive force).

When we need to relax again, magnesium moves back into the channels and kicks out the calcium, which goes back to the extracellular spaces. With this ebb and flow our muscles contract and relax, contract and relax etc.  If magnesium levels get too low, we can get stuck in the contraction mode.

Another unwanted side effect of low magnesium is that bone cells can start to leak out their calcium stores. This is because the body can use calcium as an acid buffering mineral if the body’s magnesium reserves get too low and there isn’t enough antioxidant activity to counteract the acids being produced by metabolism.  This is the beginning of osteoporosis.

You will notice that sites of injury or inflammation in the body tend to attract more calcium deposits, making us harder and crunchier over time. It can manifest as bone spurs, stiff ligaments and joints, kidney stones and even hardened arterial linings, which push up blood pressure.

Magnesium helps electrical and nervous system conductance in the body. It also helps manage the fluidity of our blood circulation and lymph system, in conjunction with sulphur compounds that depend on magnesium, like glutathione.  Magnesium and water are a fantastic pair of biological super heroes that help to keep us younger, more flexible and ‘juicier’ longer!

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