Electricity tariffs have increased in Singapore this quarter – making this the third consecutive quarter that tariffs have gone up.

It now costs 23.65 cents per kwh, up from 22.15 cents, to power up your appliances.

This will lead to an average increase of 6.9 per cent in monthly bills.

A family living in a four-room HDB flat will likely be spending $5.61 more a month on electricity.

Coupled with the water tariff hike that kicked in on 1 July, households across the country will be looking at much higher monthly bills.

With the hike, households that use more than 40m3 of water per month will be charged a premium of $3.69 per m3, compared to just $2.74 per m3 if you can keep your usage to under 40m3 per month.

A cubic metre of water is equivalent to 1000 litres.

If you don’t want to see your bills skyrocketing, heed these tips to keep usage under control.

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1. Use energy efficient appliances
1. Use energy efficient appliances
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More than 75 per cent of the electricity used goes to just three appliances: air conditioners (36.7 per cent), water heaters (20.9 per cent) and fridges (18.5 per cent).

According to Energy Efficient Singapore, switching to a 5-tick air conditioner system can save you $270 a year, if you’re the sort who uses it for eight hours daily.

You can also save $75 a year if you switch to a 3-tick refrigerator model.

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