Create An Orderly Home Office
Create An Orderly Home Office

To start with, forget about fancy desk dividers or costly built-in shelves; the most important home-office storage space under your roof is the hard drive of your computer.

Your Rolodex, appointment book, desk calendar, checkbook, and more will be immediately available in the most uncluttered way possible if you digitize them.

All you need is an inexpensive scanner (many new models come with software that recognises and organises whatever you scan) and most of your paperwork will be history in a matter of minutes.

The cleaning routine will be much the same as the larger space in which the home office resides.

But before you start cleaning, check to see that all your devices have been unplugged.

Never use a regular plug-in vacuum to clean off computers, printers, monitors, and other home-office equipment.

Instead, use a can of compressed air to blow dust out of keyboards, a battery-powered mini vacuum, or a soft brush.

Remove scuff marks from computer and printer cases and other electronics cases with a pencil’s rubber eraser.

It will literally “rub out” most marks and stains!

Lastly, once everything’s clean, it’s a good idea to cover up equipment to ensure dirt and dust don’t contaminate your expensive equipment when you’re not using it.

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