Thousands of readers write in to tell us how they grew up testing their Word Power, or laughing out loud at All in a Day’s Work jokes in the pages of Reader’s Digest. But Tina Ragnone, an administrative assistant at Reader’s Digest, has another childhood memory associated with the magazine.

“My friends and I would stay after school, fold the pages of the magazine, spray paint them and sprinkle with glitter,” she says. “We would always make a few Christmas trees for the classroom and one to take home. Who knew back then, that one day I would actually work for the company?”

If your parents didn’t teach you this neat trick, it’s not too late to learn how to do it. Now, you can get your kids or grandkids into the holiday spirit with this easy and fabulous craft.

You Will Need:

  • Reader’s Digest magazine
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Spray paint (green, gold, or silver)
  • Small wood or foam star (optional)

What to Do:

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1. Remove both covers from magazine. Take the upper right hand corner of the first page and bring it down so that the top edge of the page rest against the glued binding of the magazine.


2. Now crease this first fold, carefully. Again, take this page and fold it over until the crease rests against the glued binding of the magazine. Crease second fold.


3. Finally, fold the triangle (that overlaps the bottom of the magazine) upward so it will be even with the bottom of the book, crease it. The first page is finished.


4. Continue folding and creasing the remaining pages.


5. When the magazine is completely folded, glue the front and back pages together. Spray tree with paint, and sprinkle glitter while still wet. Glue star to top. (Tip: To create a bigger tree, try gluing two Reader’s Digest magazines back-to-back.)

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