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1. Do your research
1. Do your research
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Whether you’re looking to start installing Connected Home products, or updating or adding to what you already have, finding out as much as you can about each product and how they work together is always good advice. The first thing you’ll notice is how easy it is to be connected. The future is clearly here, and it’s all surprisingly simple. All Connected Home products rely on a hub, or a central point of control. This is where you can turn everything on and off, program start and finish times, and find out all the information you need. The three big products in this space are Google Assistant, Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa.

By themselves they connect to the web to make finding out the latest news, weather and traffic conditions, or any information you need, easy. You can also make phone calls, organise your day and play your music, all with just your voice. These virtual assistants can also be the hub or your home, by connecting them to your smart lights, security systems, appliances, speakers and even your power points. They enable you to control all these things just with your voice, or your smart device from anywhere in the world. What you’ll also discover when you research virtual assistants is how well priced they all are, especially when you think about what they can do.

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