Revealed: The Health Insurance Traps That Are Costing Older Australians Big

As you get older it’s easy to fall into health insurance traps that can make it feel like you’ve got a hole in your pocket. Far too many Aussies stay with poor value cover, simply because they’re not aware of how health insurance actually works. The following are the most common traps we see our customers falling into.

First, don’t assume that you need the highest level of cover, just because of your age. That’s because, if you’re on the highest level of cover, chances are you’ll be paying for birth-related services and weight-loss surgery. So if you have no intention of having a child or undertaking this surgery, cutting out these features is an easy way for you to save.

We also find that most people are confused by the difference between the levels of hospital cover. The only difference between a ‘Top’ and ‘Medium’ level of cover is the range of procedures you’re covered for. For example, cardiac treatment is usually covered by both levels, and in most cases, the actual amount that a particular insurer will cover you for is the exact same.

Finally, despite new policies being offered and the fact that you won’t have to re-sit any waiting periods unless you’re upgrading, the average time an Australian will stay with their health insurer is still around 15 years. In that time, chances are your health needs will have changed, and switching to more suitable cover can create significant savings. In fact, people who use our service are saving an average of $362.38 a year^. That’s not bad for a few minutes work.

Here’s how you do it:

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Step 2: Once you select your preferred coverage options, you will have the opportunity to compare quotes from multiple health funds. As a special offer for Reader’s Digest readers, switch before June 30th and get a $100 e-gift card!*

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When you compare with us, we’ll listen to how you use your current cover, and ask what you would like to change. Whether you want higher benefits for the services you use most often, more personalised cover or simply cheaper premiums – we can help you get value from your cover.

Our service is all about finding the policy that suits your needs. Most people we speak to don’t realise that no health insurer offers a one-size-fits-all option, or that the names of policies can be misleading.

We know how difficult it can be to make sense of the thousands of health insurance policies that are out there. That’s why an important part of our service is our commitment to making your health cover savings quick, simple and effective.

Once we’ve helped you find a policy that delivers value, we’ll make the transition to your new fund as smooth as possible. We’ll handle everything, from assisting to cancel your current cover and retrieve prepaid premiums, to organising your new membership.

Our service is completely cost and obligation free, and every policy is backed by our price-match guarantee. That means you won’t find them cheaper anywhere else.

Our job is to find the best value for you, and we do this by helping you understand what you’re paying for and why. Once you do, the savings become simple. Why not click through now and discover what you could be saving? As a special offer for Reader’s Digest readers, switch before June 30th and get a $100 e-gift card!*

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^Average savings based off 14,534 customers in 2018.
*A qualifying customer who purchases an Eligible Health Insurance Policy that is a single, family, couple, or single parent policy will receive a $100 gift card in the post. Eligible Recipients will receive their Gift Card by post up to 28 days after Health Insurance Comparison has confirmed their eligibility. See full Terms and Conditions and eligibility criteria here.

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