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1. Forgetting to microchip your pup
1. Forgetting to microchip your pup
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Priority number one after getting a new dog, whether puppy or rescue, should be making sure they can find their way back home if he or she ever gets lost.

Millions of pets are lost every year around the world and it happens to even the most responsible dog owners!

The best way to protect your pup is to get it microchipped, says Aimee Gilbreath, executive director at the US-based Michelson Found Animals Foundation.

These small chips that are implanted in the folds of the skin in your pup’s shoulders hold a unique ID number that connects with your contact info (i.e. your phone number) that you supply online.

It’s not a GPS tracker. Many shelters will offer inexpensive microchips or you can ask your vet about microchipping options, she says.

The last thing you would want is your new pet wandering off in search of adventure. (Is your dog one of the Best Breeds in the World? Find out here.)

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