Unfortunately, in our quest to have a great holiday, some of us may not be mindful of making sure we don’t cause any harm to the places we visit.

Taken to the extreme, irresponsible travelling can cause a lot of damage.

The Philippines, for example, recently took the drastic step of closing its beautiful Boracay island for six months to rehabilitate the area.

The high number of tourists and rapid development had taken a toll on the popular destination.

Being a responsible traveller means we should try to minimise the negative impact we leave on the places we visit – economically, environmentally and socially.

Here are 4 things to consider when planning a trip:

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Choose eco-friendly accommodation
Choose eco-friendly accommodation

To be kinder to the environment, choose hotels or resorts that adopt sustainable practices.

These hotels should have lower energy and water use, and practise recycling and composting to reduce food waste.

They should also advocate the use of sustainable food by including as much local and seasonal produce as possible.

Search the web for available options at your destination.

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