When we travel, we experience the unfamiliar, dust away ‘the ordinary’ from our lives and shake off preconceptions we’ve gathered along the way.

Yet, when it comes to cruises, many of us cling to preconceptions.

However, today’s cruise ships are filled with unusual quirks, ready for every kind of modern adventurer.

So we’re here to take you on a journey across the seven seas.

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1. Cruises are for ‘oldies’ and are just plain old-fashioned
1. Cruises are for ‘oldies’ and are just plain old-fashioned

If you still believe this, chances are you’re not as with the times as you might like to think.

Many cruise liners are trading in feather-flapping cabarets and dinners at the captain’s table for rockclimbing, assault courses and simulation surfing.

In fact, cruises are swiftly becoming hubs of cutting-edge digital innovation.

Robot bartenders shake and stir guests’ cocktails aboard select ships; free smartphone apps onboard have become de rigueur; and one liner recently launched a tech-bracelet with more than 130 smart features, including an app enabling you to tailor your cruise every step of the way for a truly 21st-century experience.

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