Visiting loved ones over the holiday season can take some planning, especially if you need to travel. Whether you’re travelling to see friends abroad, going on a beach holiday or staying with family during the festivities, being smart about how you travel will save you a headache in the long run.

Regardless if you’re setting off halfway across the world or meeting a friend for coffee around the corner, those with medical conditions can find it hard to step out of their comfort zone when it comes to travel.

As many older Australians are fulfilling their desire to travel overseas or cross country, there are greater risks for those with medical conditions if they’re not properly prepared. Having the essentials when travelling, such as your MedicAlert ID can help if this go wrong, no matter where you in the world.

Check off your necessities

Travel insurance can offer peace of mind for those who are going on trips as it covers lost baggage, cancelled flights and hospital fees. However, while insuring your possessions is important, it’s your health and wellbeing that should be at the top of your priority list.

You may create a travel checklist, with your clothing, shoes, toiletries and documents, but without accounting for your MedicAlert ID – health and safety may be left up to chance. It’s impossible to carry a briefcase with any medical or health history around with you on holiday, or even just the names and dosages of your medications may be difficult to remember if there are more than one. During the rush of an emergency or if a health issue occurs – it’s unlikely you’ll be able to let doctors or nurses know all of your conditions, medications and allergies, especially if you’re in pain.

Whether you’re in a country with language barriers or you’re unable to speak, health professionals or medical personnel can quickly and safely determine your needs; with training in searching for body-worn medical identification during an emergency, your information is readily available to them during moments of chaos.

Make memories without worrying

With MedicAlert’s ID being recognised globally you can rest assured that no matter where you travel, your family or loved ones are looked after. When severe allergies come into the mix, it seems easier to avoid places where miscommunication is likely to occur, but with our 24/7 emergency response service and the ability to easily access health records on the go from medical professionals, you can have peace of mind that you’re safe anywhere around the world.

Your schedule may be full of high-energy activities and jam-packed with adventures, and while it’s a blast planning your trip, the thought of accidents happening naturally comes to mind. With your updated medications, implants and allergies in one place, your mind is at ease if anything were to happen. Protecting members in Australia for almost 50 years, MedicAlert is your safety net when travelling; spend less time worrying about emergencies and more time dreaming about relaxing on your holiday.

If you have suffered from an injury or medical implication, you shouldn’t let fear stop you from going to the places you love. Just like 80-year-old MedicAlert member Lois Job, who recently put her ID bracelet to the test when she fainted after lunch with her husband and daughter at a local café. Lois is just one example of a member who hasn’t let previous health incidents stop her from socialising.

Not letting fear rule her life, Lois says “if anything goes wrong anywhere, they’ve [MedicAlert] got my back. I love going out with my friends and family, and I don’t want to have to give that up because I’m scared.” Lois explains that a lot could have gone wrong during her incident as she is a Type 2 Diabetic, has suffered a pulmonary embolism and has allergies to a number of drugs, as well as complications relating to number of her medications.

As a member at MedicAlert – a not for profit organisation – for 21 years, Lois reiterates “this tiny little thing around my wrist gives me the extra strength and reassurance to keep doing what I love. I’ve been telling every man and his dog to join MedicAlert, and finally I could tell them exactly why.”

Adapting to the travel bug

While you are enjoying the holidays with family and friends, your health or medical conditions don’t take a break because you are. Travelling over the busy summer period can take a toll on your health while changes in weather, time zones, new cuisines or a sudden decrease in your medication could result in an incident.

Whether you’re susceptible to driver fatigue, increase your levels of exercise, changes in diet or exposure to new insects, emergencies happen when you least expect. In this instance, medical personnel will immediately check for your medical conditions and access more detailed information by calling the 24-hour emergency number engraved on your MedicAlert ID.

No matter what time of year you are planning on travelling, being smart about travel means taking precautions such as having enough medication to last you the trip and updating your details online. While healthcare providers will assist you in emergencies taking care of yourself is still your responsibility when travelling.

It’s easy to jam-pack your trip with activities while in the planning stage, but in reality, you should know your physical limitations. Going over the top with back-to-back flights, activities, day trips and sightseeing can stop you from truly enjoying your time away. Travelling takes a lot of energy out of even the fittest people; knowing how you cope with drastic changes and increased movement will allow you time to breathe and soak it all in.

Final thoughts

If you’re spending the holidays abroad or close to home, having your custom engraved MedicAlert ID will offer peace of mind as health professionals or medical personnel can access your secure electronic health record during the moments that matter the most. MedicAlert wishes you and your family a healthy, safe and joyful festive season.

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