It isn’t easy to parent a child with attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). When the child misbehaves, strangers can feel justified commenting or offering advice.

Even friends and family may criticize a parent’s choices.

These quotes from parents of kids with ADHD will make you rethink parenting.

Mark Griffin, PhD, an expert and a former headmaster of a school for kids with learning and attention issues, offers a professional’s take on these trying situations.

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1. ADHD is "invisible" to outsiders
1. ADHD is "invisible" to outsiders

The hardest thing about ADHD is that it’s ‘invisible’ to outsiders. People just assume that we are not being good parents and that our child is a brat, when they don’t have an idea how exhausted we truly are.” —S.C.

Dr. Griffin: The signs and symptoms of ADHD aren’t always visible, which is why people should pause before drawing conclusions about kids’ behaviour.

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