It isn’t easy to parent a child with attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). When the child misbehaves, strangers can feel justified commenting or offering advice.

Even friends and family may criticize a parent’s choices.

These quotes from parents of kids with ADHD will make you rethink parenting.

Mark Griffin, PhD, an expert and a former headmaster of a school for kids with learning and attention issues, offers a professional’s take on these trying situations.

10. Kids with ADHD can have great gifts

10. Kids with ADHD can have great gifts

“Kids have a lot of gifts from their ADHD: Unending creativity, thinking outside the box, energy, enthusiasm and passion about their interests.” —C.J.

Dr. Griffin: Giving kids an opportunity to use and strengthen their talents and interests is critically important for their success and self-esteem. Parents need to create the right interventions to help kids deal with symptoms.


11. We know more about ADHD today

11. We know more about ADHD today

“Just because you didn’t see these disorders when you where growing up doesn’t mean they weren’t happening. Kids with ADHD then were just called ‘awkward’ and ‘a handful.'” —⁠L.W.

Dr. Griffin: Our understanding about ADHD has come a long way in the last few decades. People should be open to new research about ADHD and the brain and what it means for kids.

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