He was a fan favourite at the Singapore Zoo, but Inuka, the 27-year-old polar bear, sadly had to be put down on 25 April due to failing health.

He was the first polar bear to be born in the tropics, and will be the last one in Singapore as the zoo had announced in 2006 that they would not be bringing in any more of the species.

In honour of Inuka, which means “silent stalker” in Inuit, we take a look at 4 other famous zoo residents around the world.

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1. Fiona the hippo
1. Fiona the hippo
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Fiona is arguably the world’s most famous hippo.

She has merchandise bearing her name and likeness, videos of her rack up millions of views, and she even has an ice cream flavour named after her, the “Chunky Chunky Hippo”.

But when she was born six weeks premature on January 24, 2017 at the Cincinnati Zoo, her keepers weren’t sure she was going to survive.

She weighed just 13 kilograms and had to be hooked up to oxygen tubes.

She received round-the-clock care and every update was posted on social media, quickly turning her into a star and a symbol of resilience.

Her celebrity status was cemented when a story of her photobombing a couple’s engagement went viral. Watch her Facebook series here.

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