Here are 7 fun things you need to know about Crazy Rich Asians.

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1. Henry Golding wasn’t an actor, ‘discovered’ by accountant
1. Henry Golding wasn’t an actor, ‘discovered’ by accountant
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On US talk show The View, Golding who plays the romantic lead Nick, admitted he hasn’t acted before he got this starring role.

At first, the TV presenter didn’t even want to audition for the part.

When they offer came to audition he says he thought; “This is for someone else who is going to bring the A game who is a legitimate actor who the studio is going to gamble on.”

The director Jon Chu discovered the tall dark and handsome and charismatic former hairdresser through an accountant who’d met Henry years earlier when he was hosting TV travel shows.

Chu followed Golding on Instagram and one audition later a star was born.

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