The Senior Moments gang is back for another bout of hilarity from legendary performers Tony Barber, Max Gillies and Normie Rowe.

These days Australian TV icon Tony Barber of Sale of the Century fame is having more and more “Senior Moments”. So is master satirist Max Gillies (The Gillies Report) and original rock legend Normie Rowe (Les Misérables).

It’s no coincidence. They are appearing as part of the classic cast in the new show that follows the smash hit comedy revue Senior Moments. After wowing more than 55,000 seniors Australia-wide on their national 2019 season, the Senior Moments gang is back with a new show for another national tour in 2020.

Senior Moments 2: Remember, Remember is another 90 minutes of hilarious comedy sketches, songs and inspired senior silliness from a cast old enough to know better.

“The show is suitable for all ages,” says Max Gillies, “As long as that age is in the high double digits or you can remember when we still used pound notes and milk came in glass bottles.”

The gang getting ready for the show

Among the highlights of the show: Tony Barber will be asking the questions in the quiz show sketch “Senior of the Century”. Yes, the senior contestants may be a little slower on the buzzers, and their short-term memory may not be what it used to be, but they still remember when “Boomer” used to be a kangaroo that people liked, not a generation young people blamed for everything.

The show may be called Senior Moments, but Tony still can’t get away with asking the same question twice in a row.

This is a show for people who remember when ‘wireless’ meant the radio, not an internet connection option.

Amongst the silliness, Normie Rowe plans to sing one of his classics, but only if Max Gillies doesn’t sing one of his. But Max has even persuaded Bob Hawke to make a cameo!

The Senior Moments 2 cast also includes Kim Lewis (Sons & Daughters), David Callan (The Goon Show Live) and Dave Gibson (Andrew Denton Breakfast Show) with the shockingly young virtuoso Mitchell Price-Norgaard dazzling on piano.

It’s a second serving of hilarious sketches and wonderfully witty songs performed by legendary show business seniors ageing disgracefully before your eyes.

Senior Moments 2: ‘Remember Remember’ is a seriously funny revue for slightly old people. If that’s you (be honest!) then grab some tickets before you forget!

Senior Moments 2 is touring Australia in Feb-March 2020. Dates and Tickets via the website.

This is a sponsored article written in partnership with the Senior Moments gang.

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