A sobering statistic released recently revealed that the number of elderly suicides in Singapore has reached an all-time high since the Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) started tracking figures in 1991.

Common struggles include social disconnection, and difficulties due to declining physical and mental health.

The Singapore population is ageing at a faster rate now than in the last decade, hence the urgent need to ensure that seniors in the community are able to grow old in a healthy manner.

This includes being mentally and physically well.

If you are living with or caring for an elderly relative, heed these 5 tips to help them grow old healthily and independently.

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1. Prepare the home
1. Prepare the home
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Elderly folks are more prone to falling and many have diminished mobility.

Help reduce the risk of falling by installing grab bars in the bathroom and the bedroom, and make sure the bathroom floors are anti-slip.

You should also reduce clutter in the home so they can move around easily.

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