Choosing a charity to support isn’t as easy as picking one out of a hat. Your choice should be personal and your reasons unique to you. Here are a few things to consider to help you choose:

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Your Charity Check List
Your Charity Check List
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What cause do you want to support?
Typically the first thing that people think about when choosing a charity to support is the cause. There are children’s charities, animal charities, charities for the elderly and charities that raise money and awareness for a wide range of illnesses, disabilities and issues. Think about which organisation’s cause is dear to your heart or tackles a current problem you care about.

Do you want to support a large or small charity?
There are big name charities such as the Red Cross, SPCA and Barnardos. There are also much smaller charities, some of which work at a local level or are only recently established. Decide whether you want to contribute to a large and potentially powerful charity that will be making big waves but will have high running costs, or whether you want to support and contribute to a smaller charity that might only help a few people at a time but will be fighting to get noticed and raise funds.

Is location important?
Some people don’t mind where their charity is based or who it helps. Others will want to contribute to their local community.

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