Happiness doesn’t always require a robust sex life.

While sex may be important for some people, these two women have other priorities in mind: It’s not low libido or a diagnosed disorder that has kept both from having sex in several years.

For these three women it’s about something way more important.

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“I’m not looking to be an easy sexual conquest”
“I’m not looking to be an easy sexual conquest”
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Steffanie Rivers, 49

Her story: “I’ve had no sexual contact since 2014 and I’m fine with it. I was in a relationship then but at the time found that most men, regardless of their age, seem immature and focused on sexual conquests above almost anything else. It’s not that my libido is low, it’s that I am not a slave to my sexual urges like so many people are.”

What she’s focusing on: “It’s more important for me to focus on spiritual growth and building a relationship with a man who also exercises self-control. I believe that’s the best way to determine if we are compatible in other ways that—after the sex is no longer brand new—will sustain our relationship for years to come.”

What she’s hoping for in a relationship: “In March, I met Nelson, the love of my life. We travel back and forth to see each other, and we’ve made a decision to abstain from sex until we get married, which we’re planning to do next year. One of my co-workers asked if I had slept with the love of my life yet. When I told her no, she said we should at least once before we got married. But I think that’s a stigma, this idea that women think good sex is all they have to offer in a relationship. And because there are so many women willing to have sex any way any time, men don’t have to wait for a virtuous woman. If more women would remove sex from the relationship and concentrate on being the best person they could be, there would be fewer sexual issues. Anyway, I’m happy to say that Nelson is everything that I’ve ever wanted from a man. He’s a mature, spiritual man who appreciates me for my other qualities than my sexy exterior. When we do engage he won’t be disappointed!”

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