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“I’ve been abstinent for eight years and I’m loving it"
“I’ve been abstinent for eight years and I’m loving it"

LaQuita Lusk, 32

Her story: “I began my journey of celibacy back in 2009. This began primarily for religious reasons. However, over the years, I have gained control over my libido and am determined to wait until marriage. When I was in my 20s, I went through a period of going in and out of bad relationships. Each relationship left me more broken than before. One morning, driving home from a night out, I literally cried all the way home knowing that the person I was with didn’t love me and probably didn’t like me. It was at that point—and I was just 24—that I decided to stay celibate for a year. I guess that became an eight-plus year plan!”

What she’s focusing on: “I think we all have a desire to be close to another. I also think sex is beautiful, but I have been able to control my urges to be sexually intimate with someone by surrendering those desires.”

What she’s hoping for in a relationship: “My celibacy pact doesn’t stop me from being asked out a lot. I’ve even entertained some of those requests, but not for long as I refuse to compromise. Guys who have approached me have been open about their desires. In my head, I’m like ‘thanks for that piece of info, now I know you’re not the one.’

Interestingly, the family and friends of mine who know about my decision haven’t said anything negative. Once I share my reasoning with them I guess they just get it!”

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