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Their vs there vs they’re
 Their vs there vs they’re

Writer Katy Koontz, editor-in-chief at Unity Magazine and a book editor for best-selling authors, says her adrenaline spikes just thinking about common grammar errors. Koontz reveals, “mixing up ‘their’ and ‘there’ is probably my biggest pet peeve – you could add ‘they’re’ to the mix, too, but most mistakes involve the first two.” So, how can you make sure to use the right form of this common homonym (that’s a word pronounced the same, but with different meanings)? First, keep in mind, ‘they’re’ is a contraction for ‘they are,’ as in ‘they’re annoying.’ Next, ‘there’ can be an adverb, pronoun, or a noun indicating a state or condition. Gertrude Stein famously dissed her hometown while demonstrating the pliancy of the word ‘there’ when she wrote “there is no there there.” Finally, ‘their’ is the possessive form of the pronoun ‘they’– its inclusive form (as a pronoun for non-binary folks) was recently added to the dictionary.

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