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Can you really fall in love with anyone?
Can you really fall in love with anyone?
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In a 1997 SUNY Stony Brook study, psychologist Arthur Aron explored whether intimacy between two perfect strangers could be accelerated by having them ask each other the 36 personal questions below.

Since Dr. Aron created the quiz, he’s even seen it rekindle the romance in long-term relationships. “When you’re first in a romantic relationship, there’s an intense excitement, but then you grow used to each other,” Dr. Aron told Berkeley News. “If you do something new and challenging, that reminds you of how exciting it can be with your partner, it makes your relationship better.”

These 36 questions that lead to love take about 45 minutes to complete, with each becoming increasingly personal and intense. Dr. Aron and his wife Elaine, a psychologist who also studies love and relationships, have also used the quiz to bond with couple friends (platonically) over dinner dates.

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