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1. Only some like it hot
1. Only some like it hot
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Mosquitoes thrive in warm conditions. The larvae develop in summer months, although in tropical areas it can be warm enough for a year-round season.

Mosquitoes are incredibly sensitive to the environment. The developing larvae can easily be killed off if they are subjected to cold or dry conditions at the wrong time. But according to Dr Cameron Webb, a medical entomologist from Sydney University, we shouldn’t underestimate the not-so-humble mozzie. “I’ve been standing out in the Victorian coastal wetlands in a thick parka and freezing weather and still been bitten,” he reveals. “Mosquitoes are highly specialised creatures and different species have evolved to master different environmental niches.”

Some mosquitoes prefer to live in cold climates, and thrive there, too. Mosquitoes near alpine and other cooler regions might reproduce a little more slowly than others but compensate for this by being abundant in number. “They might have fewer generations each year but there are so many of them that their survival in extreme climates is guaranteed,” says Dr Webb. “Plus, even their eggs survive the depths of winter buried underneath the snow in alpine regions or in freezing coastal wetlands.”

Do you mostly get bitten on your hands and feet, or underarms and hip? Different mosquitoes prefer different smells from different parts of the body.

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