If you find yourself checking your phone several dozen times a day, don’t worry, it’s not quite your fault.

Lots of apps and programs, especially social media apps, have been designed to capture your attention and make it difficult for you to put your phone down.

Unfortunately, though, there’s a down side to all this connectivity.

A study released last year showed that people with a longer average screen time, and those who used their phones close to bedtime, had poorer sleep quality.

Another recent study, released in the journal The Lancet, revealed that the use of your phone in the wee hours of the morning, could increase the chances of developing psychological issues such as depression, bipolar disorder and neuroticism.

While the phone is undoubtedly important in our daily lives, we can all agree that we shouldn’t have to pay such a steep price for it in terms of compromising our health. It’s time to take some steps to cultivate a healthier relationship with our phones.

Here are a few dos and don’ts:

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DO - Turn off app notifications
DO - Turn off app notifications

Every time a notification goes off, it serves as a trigger for us to immediately pick up our phones.

Turning off notifications will ensure that we don’t constantly feel pressured to check what’s going on.

If you must, just leave notifications on for chat functions so you don’t miss important messages.

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