Platinum Award Win for PLDT Home Fibr in Trusted Brands 2019

Now in partnership with Google Wifi, PLDT Home Fibr has the capability to enhance the way you stream and surf in a smart, simple, and secure way. With an easy set-up procedure, intelligent built-in Network Assist software, and mesh system, your ideal Smart Home is just within reach.

Advanced features that place you on the least congested channels and use the fastest band for your devices allow families to easily bond through online gaming, video chatting, or streaming TV shows and movies.

Subscribers can also enjoy whole home coverage with Google Wifi’s modular setup, which caters to more devices in a larger space.

By teaming up with Google Wifi, PLDT Home Fibr continues to put its customers first and keep families connected in meaningful ways through uninterrupted home connections. They allow every Filipino the luxury of an upgraded lifestyle with the constant improvement of premium services.

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