From a mummy goat who misplaced her kids to a crafty black chicken, our reader’s share two interesting and funny real-life stories from the animal kingdom.

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Maisie's Story
Maisie's Story

Maisie was the first of our goats to give birth so we called her kids Adam and Eve.

One morning, when her kids were still very young, I came out the back door and noticed all the goats were gathered around Maisie, who seemed distressed. “What’s up, Maisie?” I called from the veranda.

As usual she bleated back, only this time her bleat sounded more like a terrible cry. I looked more closely and I noticed her kids were not with her. That wasn’t right, I thought. The kids were never far from their mum.

My husband was inside oblivious to all the commotion so I called out, “Going to see what is up with Maisie!” As I entered the paddock I said to Maisie, “Come on, let’s go find your kids.”

So off we and about 16 other goats went – through the long grass and over the paddocks. All the goats were trotting close beside me so I had to watch my footing.

The kids weren’t anywhere to be seen in the main field so we ventured down towards the dam that was about 20 minutes away.

I was almost ready to leave the dam when I noticed a brown and white patch hidden deep in the grass.

There they were – both sound asleep. Maisie was beside herself bleating away excitedly.

She gently nudged them awake bleating at them as if to say, “How could you scare Mummy like that?”

I think Adam and Eve fell asleep while Maisie was feeding.

She probably wandered away, which is what goats do when they are foraging.

I have since learnt that windy weather can make goats disorientated and Maisie must have become confused and ended up at our gate, agitated and without her kids.

We all headed home and as I was going through the gate back to the house, Maisie bleated as if to say, “Thank you!”

– Dianne Evans

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