Ever hear anyone exclaim “Let’s whip out the Ouija board and summon some evil spirits?”

These 12 tales may be the reason why.

Sherry, 29

Sherry, 29
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One evening when she was in high school, Sherry decided to use an Ouija board with her friends.

Nothing seemed to happen, so they all just gave up.

What they would discover later was that the Ouija board actually did work.

“Weird stuff happened in the house ever since that night,” Sherry says, “and to this day, it hasn’t stopped. We’ve had glasses move right across the table by themselves. I saw a spoon in a cup of coffee aggressively stir in the cup without anyone being near it. The sound of footsteps [leading from] upstairs down into the living room entrance never stopped.”


Tommy, 25

Tommy, 25
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When Tommy was in university, he and his dorm-mates took out an Ouija board and had a threatening encounter with some very dark spirits.

“The dorm hall used to be a morgue,” he says.

It was the perfect setting for a goof with friends, he thought, but they failed to realize how serious it could get.

The planchette began to move on the board.

The spirit (or spirits) communicated to them that 83 demons would come for them.

“The next thing you know, the dorm is haunted, and the girls can’t sleep because stuff was turning on and off and messing with them. So they had a priest come in to bless the room. It was good afterward.”

He adds, “That’s why I don’t mess with Ouija boards anymore.”

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