Just what is the best way to tackle a crossword? Follow our handy tips to keep frustration at a minimum.

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Start Simple
Start Simple

Instead of going through all of the clues in order, for example, all of the acrosses and then all of the downs, work outwards from your first completed word.

It will be easier to find right answers quickly if you have at least one letter to help you.

Fill-in-the-blank clues are generally among the easiest to solve, so scan the list and start with those.

Next concentrate on the short answers.

Once you have taken up the crossword habit, you will start to notice familiar words that tend to creep in.

Puzzle makers need words that begin and end with vowels, so you’re likely to come across epee, aloe, Arlo, anoa, esne and similar words in your crossword travels.

The more puzzles you do, the more ‘freebies’ like this you will discover.

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