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Impersonation Scam
Impersonation Scam

What is it?

There are several variations of this ruse, with the scammers pretending to be all manner of officials, from police officers to bank staff. The latest iteration in Malaysia involves scammer pretending to be postal couriers.

How does it work?

Scammers will call their victims, impersonating any of the above-mentioned positions.

They inform the victims that they have broken the law and will be in trouble if they do not pay a fine, which is to be transferred to an account number they provide.

The scammers also tell their victims that the conversation is being recorded and that they must not tell anyone about it or they’ll get in further trouble.

How can I protect myself?

These scammers use Caller ID spoofing technology to divert the phone numbers from the relevant agencies so it looks like you’re getting a call from the police, for example.

But it’s important to note that government agencies will never conduct business in this manner, so this is clearly a scam. Hang up and make a police report.

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