While the oft-imagined scenario of a city full of self-driving cars transporting people around seamlessly is not quite here yet, it may not be too far off in the future.

Autonomous vehicles are set to shape the future of driving with consulting firm McKinsey predicting that up to 15 per cent of new vehicles sold by 2030 could be fully autonomous.

To prepare yourself for this future, learn more about the technology and the implications of self-driving automobiles as something strange is happening to our relationship with cars.

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What are autonomous vehicles?
What are autonomous vehicles?

“Autonomous vehicles” (AVs) is just another name for self-driving, or driverless, vehicles.

Simply put, the vehicle can guide or navigate by itself without a human driver.

It works by utilising a suite of sensors, cameras, radars and artificial intelligence to “see” and “sense” what’s around it, while computer software helps the car navigate and avoid collisions.

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