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Are they already in our midst?
Are they already in our midst?

Definitely! In fact, some mass-produced cars on the road right now already boast some level of autonomy, such as parking assist and traffic jam pilot.

Singapore has been working on self-driving vehicles since 2010 when the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology, or SMART, tested self-driving golf buggies on the National University of Singapore campus.

In 2016, Asia’s first fully operational self-driving vehicle was put to service at Gardens by the Bay and in November 2017, the city state launched its first autonomous vehicle test centre.

Elsewhere in Asia, South Korea plans to have self-driving cars on sale by 2020 and Japan has the ambitious plan of running a self-driving vehicle force when it hosts the Olympics that same year.

In China, internet giant Baidu has been given the greenlight to test its autonomous cars in Beijing.

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