In a perfect example of demand and supply, a restaurant in Shanghai is providing a unique service for diners who wish to continue using their phones while eating crayfish.

“Professional crayfish peelers” will sit with customers and peel their crustaceans, while the mostly male clientele stay on their devices to play games or chat on social media.

One of the two peelers employed by the restaurant claims she earns more than 10,000 yuan (US$1550) a month.

If that doesn’t sound like an a-peeling prospect, check out these other unconventional jobs.

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1. Visitor Services Manager at St Michael’s Mount
1. Visitor Services Manager at St Michael’s Mount

The job involves overseeing 30 seasonal employees and ensuring that visitors have a good time while visiting St Michael’s Mount, an island off the coast of Cornwall, England, that boasts a medieval castle and several historical buildings.

You’ll get an annual salary of between US$34,000 and US$41,000 and get to stay rent-free on the island that has only 30 fulltime residents.

However, you will be plenty busy as the island sees some 350,000 tourists a year.

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