Types of Bricks

We explain the differences between extruded, pressed and special finish bricks.

Types of Bricks

Extruded Bricks

Also called wirecut, extruded bricks are made by forcing a column of clay through a series of wires to cut the shapes. The holes reduce the amount of clay used, making them cheaper, lighter and help key in the mortar bed.

COMMONS are lower quality, without special finishes, making them cheaper, and are used where they're not visible.

FACE BRICKS are also wirecut but higher quality, with an added surface effect on one side that's visible when laid.

TIP The standard face brick is 76mm high and 230 x 110mm.

Extruded bricks

Pressed Bricks

These solid bricks are made by pressing clay into individual moulds. They have strong lines that suit Federation-style homes and more sleek, contemporary architecture.

DRY-PRESSED have a cork-like appearance with an indentation on the underside, called a frog, to help key in the mortar bed. Wet-pressed are very strong bricks, with a smoother, more dense surface.

SPECIAL DRY-PRESSED are shaped for specific applications including window sills, plinths or features.

Pressed bricks

Special Finish Bricks

Most bricks for residential buildings are made of clay, with different production processes used to create various finishes before they're fired and baked in a kiln.

SANDSTOCK are solid and made to resemble colonial bricks. They have a double facing for single skin walls.

SLURRIED bricks have pigment added to the clay as it's extruded to ensure the colour is permanent, giving the surface a bagged-look finish.

Special Finish bricks

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