The Top 10 Names For Boy And Girl Dogs In 2017

The doggy data experts at are here with this year's top canine titles. In 2017, pop culture references and trendy human names ruled. See if your pup's name made the list!

Top 10 Names For Boy Dogs In 2017
Top 10 Names For Boy Dogs In 2017
Know any human guys named Max? If so, they have a name in common with tons of dogs! Max was the number one most popular name for male dogs in 2017. According to, 44 percent of dog names are also human names. Charlie came in second, with Cooper at third. Buddy was a practical choice at number four. Jack and Oliver are also the names of a fair share of human babies this year—they're both top 100 baby names. Bear was also popular because it's a great idea to name your dog after another animal. Unfortunately, Cat and Elephant didn't make the top 10.  
  1. Max
  2. Charlie
  3. Cooper
  4. Buddy
  5. Jack
  6. Rocky
  7. Oliver
  8. Bear
  9. Duke
  10. Tucker

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