5 Bike-Friendly Cities

Get ready to cycle your heart out at these local and overseas destinations perfect for pedalling.


1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
With more bikes than people, the city is structured with cyclists in mind. Low speed limits in the centre curb the impact of cars, while bike racks on public transport make it easy to travel long distances. Rental shops are ubiquitous, the terrain is famously flat, and an online bike route planner makes it easy.

2. Berlin, Germany.
With over 1000km of bike paths, the vast majority of which are protected lanes, it’s no wonder Berliners love to get around by bike. For the traveller, the major sights are within easy reach on a bicycle. The “Call A Bike” share system allows you to simply lock the bike to any fixed object and call in a code to “return” it.

3. Paris, France.
Home to the Vélib’ public bike sharing system that has over 20,000 bikes, and with 500km of bike paths, Paris cyclists can enjoy the city safe from motorists. A Velib’ station is almost always within sight, or just around the next corner.

4. Tokyo, Japan.
Despite being home to one of the most expansive public transit networks on the planet, Tokyo residents still cycle in large numbers. Though the extent of bike lanes is limited, safe drivers ease the tension between car and cyclist. Unique automated underground bike parking garages provide for a bit of a technological thrill when you need to stash your ride.

5. Perth, Australia.
A large chunk of Perth’s intelligent infrastructure is made up of bike paths, which allow commuters to get into and around their city with ease. There are free bike lockers and racks across the city. For the visitor, numerous scenic routes line the coastline and the local Swan River. And the best way to see Rottnest Island, a vehicle-free island park, is by bicycle.

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