Five Minute Fixes: Car Care and Repair On A Budget

Do-it-yourself fixes are key to saving money and keeping your automobile in good condition.

Five Minute Fixes: Car Care And Repair On A Budget

All those seemingly unimportant cosmetic problems with your car can add up when it is time to sell.

Here's how to fix a range of automobile problems yourself quickly and efficiently.

A rock chipped my windshield
A rock chipped my windshield

A pebble tumbles out of a dump truck on the highway, your windshield smacks it at the maximum speed limit and your day is ruined.

Not necessarily - small chips and bullseye cracks are easy to repair.

First, keep dust, mud, bird droppings, and such out of the crack, because they will interfere with the repair.

So pull over and put some clear plastic tape over the windshield crack until you can make your permanent fix.

Then tend to the crack as soon as possible.

Changes in temperature and everyday vibration caused by driving can worsen the crack.

Swing by an auto parts store and pick up a clear epoxy repair kit designed specifically for windshields.

They can be pretty cheap.

Apply the adhesive according to the package directions.

Do-it-yourself fixes won’t work well for cracks larger than, say, 30 centimetres.

For those, you’ll need to have the windshield replaced by a professional.

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