The Only Things Cuter Than Puppies Are These Police Puppies

An undeniable universal truth: the only things cuter than puppies are police puppies.

This Police Force Just Recruited Six Puppies—and Their Photo Debut Is SO Cute
A few new recruits just joined the Taipei Police Department, and they’re ready for action. But here’s the catch: They have four legs…and are only one month old.
Are you swooning yet?
Are you swooning yet?

With their puppy-sized hats and uniforms, these six American Labs are just too cute to resist. And they already have a fan club - including us!

Even though they can barely open their eyes yet, each pup is poised to follow in the footsteps (or should we say paw-steps?) of their parents, Yellow and Leader, as narcotics and blood detection dogs.

And according to us, they’re also poised to break the Internet.

The pose Miller held for six hours just to stay alive

Could you hold this yoga pose if your life depended on it?

Pinned beneath a three-tonne excavator that plunged him into a muddy dam, Daniel Miller could keep his eyes and nose above water only by straining to his utmost. With help at least six hours away, he began the hardest battle of his life.
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The Day My Son Became a Lifelong Bruce Springsteen Fan

A live Springsteen concert enthrals a young boy with cerebral palsy – and makes him a lifelong fan.

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Hack Your Commute With These Tips

Hack Your Daily Commute With These 17 Tips

It should come as no surprise that in one of the few major studies ever conducted on commuters, researcher Meni Koslowsky, Ph.D., a psychology professor from Bar-Ilan University in Israel and author of the book Commuting Stress, found commuters experienced significantly high levels of stress. However, Dr. Koslowsky also found that not all commuting is created equal, nor is the stress a foregone conclusion.
Crime by Computer

Crime by Computer

In 1976, when this article was written, financial crimes conducted by computers and computer operators were limited in scope, reach and hardware.