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Mrs M B Carr
Thank You Prize + Preferred Customer Bonus

Mr F Daley
Celebration Surprise

Mr R Davis
Lucky Number Giveaway

Mr D Ferguson
Win It All Windfall

Mr M J Hayden
Big Bonanza

Mrs M Roskvist
Fast Fortune

Ms T Heycott

Mr S Beakhall
102nd Grand Prize & Super Bonus

Mr G Cavanagh
Premier Prize

Mrs D McEwen
Quick Cash Windfall

Mr S F Douglas
101st Grand Prize & Super Bonus

Ms A Pettman
Sebo K3 Vulcano
vacuum cleaner

Mrs E Dudley
Trip for two to Sydney
to see Rod Steward
perform live

Mr L Trocio

Ms C Zatta
waterproof camera

Travel Photo Contest

Ms S Lewis
Cooking Set
Ultimate Kitchen

  • It was such a feeling of excitement and joy...

    Mr S Douglas, $500,000 Grand Prize winner

  • Words can't describe,
    the emotions you feel...

    Mrs Burrows, $200,000 Thank You prize winner

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