India: text instead of calling

India: text instead of calling

It may seem surprising, but the fact is that most small businesses in India don’t even have landlines, which has led to a culture in which texting is considered appropriate, and not just for personal communications. So, if you’re in India and wish to find out, say, a particular shop’s business hours, send a text, rather than calling.

According to science, these texting habits should be avoided.


France: kiss, don’t hug

France: kiss, don’t hug
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In France, hugging can be considered more intimate than kissing. Instead, when you greet someone you’re not that close to, be prepared to shake hands or kiss them (twice – once on each cheek – or in some regions, even more). Along with the no-hug rule, you also should never bring your host chrysanthemums (which are associated with funerals) or any yellow flower at all (which sends a message that the hostess’s husband has been cheating!).

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