When you imagine a recliner, you think comfort and relaxation. Today, there are recliners designed to suit every room size and budget, and it doesn’t matter if you have less space – they’re more comfortable than ever!

Before you choose a recliner, there are a few things you need to consider, starting with how much space you have available. Grab a measuring tape if you need to or use some masking tape to work out how much floor space you actually have. Next, consider how wide and tall your doors and architraves are; and finally keep an open mind. If the chair you really want doesn’t fit into the space you have, it doesn’t mean you can’t get it – simply try to work out an alternative layout.

Traditional Recliners

There’s nothing quite like tradition and a traditional recliner offers all the benefits you’ve always enjoyed, with a modern update and most with the option of power as well. They are simple to use, with an independent back recline that you can use with or without the footrest. The La-Z-Boy Eden Rocker is one of the best selling recliners for a reason – it’s secure, offers full body lumbar support with 16 reclining positions, and it’s available in standard size, large or XL. Add some more cushioning on both the seat, arm rests and footstool, and you have the Serenity Rocker.

Anika Suite

Scandinavian Inspired Recliners

Nordic recliners are known for their unsurpassed comfort and quality, and the contemporary design is guaranteed to match with any home furnishings. Scandinavian-inspired recliners are stunning to look at, with a contemporary design; luxurious and elegant. The Rolf Nordic recliner has a deep seat and large arm rests that are built for relaxation. You’ll lose yourself as you sink into the moulded foam seat that’s just for you. It also has an adjustable headrest and the handle is easy to use. The Asta Nordic recliner is similar, but just a little smaller in depth and a little taller in height. It reclines 155 degrees, which is almost as flat as your bed; and it has a laminated timber swivel base that rotates 360 degrees. Although these Scandinavian-inspired recliners don’t have an attached footrest, they do come with a bonus ottoman!

Contemporary Recliners

If your goal is to make your new home as modern as possible, a contemporary recliner will certainly deliver. You’ll find a large range available, from electric to swivel and manual; and the variety of colours and designs is guaranteed to complement your home. For the best in comfort, La-Z-Boy’s range of contemporary recliners are a blend of modern and classic. The Anika Black Rocker is sleek and sophisticated, with black open arms, smooth black arc handle and a black base, with fabric or leather upholstery.  The headrest is adjustable and it has an independent back recline so you don’t have to use the footrest at the same time, with full body lumbar support. The Duo® Colorado Power recliner is unique – with sloped arms and sleek metal legs giving it a great mix of timeless and modern flair. It has a two-button control panel for reclining, legrest and headrest adjustments; and it even includes a USB port so you can charge your phone or tablet while you’re relaxing.

The Duo Colorado Power recliner

Choosing a recliner really depends on your personal preference. Consider the space you have available, the style of your other furnishings, and the level of comfort you wish to achieve: and with all of that in mind, the perfect recliner is just a click away.

This is a sponsored post produced in partnership with La-Z-Boy.

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