Future-proofing your home

As we age, the likelihood that we experience limitations in our mobility increases. It may be the result of an injury or new diagnosis. For people living in two-storey or split-level homes, stairs may become challenging and even dangerous. Faced with this dilemma, some people feel their only choice is to move to a single-level home.

RESiLIFT inventor, Peter van Emmerik, conceived the first ‘through-floor’ residential lift as a safe and convenient alternative. His motivation was to create a product that empowered people to stay in their home at an affordable price with minimal impact on the building.

Peter’s award winning shaftless lift has been replicated across the globe. His ground-breaking design was patented and has been the inspiration for many residential elevators.

“I designed this lift so people could stay safely in the home they love,” says Peter. “It saves time, effort and money that would otherwise be wasted moving home. It also removes the emotional anguish of being uprooted from your family home.”

Peter invented the RESiLIFT when he retired in his mid-sixties! Like many people in retirement, he didn’t slow down and remains actively involved with the business.

“This is the ideal age for people to purchase their lift,” he reflects. “In early retirement people still have the energy to oversee the project and many years to enjoy the benefits. By installing a RESiLIFT, they literally give themselves a lift,” Peter says.

“When you prepare your home for any eventuality, you free yourself from future worry.”

Now 15 years later, RESiLIFT is not only an affordable solution, it’s a smart choice. The RESiLIFT can be retrofitted into existing homes with minimal hassle, or easily installed in new builds. Many people also install the RESiLIFT in their holiday houses as they prepare for a sea or tree change.


Despite its very small footprint, RESiLIFT still fits two people. With three different sizes, some can accommodate walkers and even wheelchairs. Having a RESiLIFT enables people to stay in their split-level home without the limitations and dangers of stairs.

One RESiLIFT customer didn’t expect to be using the lift themselves, but when they had a knee replacement, they were relieved to be able to move around their home freely. Another customer initially installed the lift for when their elderly mother visited, but a few years later they had a grandchild with mobility issues who also needed to use it.

RESiLIFT has truly been a ‘life-saver’ in many people’s homes. With the potential upheaval of an unexpected diagnosis, injury or surgery, it’s good to know that at least the challenge of stairs is alleviated.

For customers who are still agile and mobile, the lift might initially be used for carrying loads of washing, suitcases or groceries – a much safer option than carrying these items on the stairs – and ensures they will enjoy the rest of their retirement.

“It’s such a relief! Now I know we can stay in our home! We love it!” says Margot Ling who installed a RESiLIFT a few months ago.

To find out more about future-proofing your home with a RESiLIFT, visit www.resilift.com.au

FUN FACT – The RESiLIFT uses less power than a toaster!


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