As you get older, your health should be your priority.

In Australia 1 in 6 people are aged 65+* and the ageing population is expected to double in the next 35 years.

Unfortunately, despite good intentions physiological changes occur, one of which is reduced muscle mass and altered appetite regulation. This can make health and weight maintenance challenging, especially if you are reluctant to stray far, from your regular staples and meals.

As households get smaller, it can also be a challenge to prepare nutritious meals just for one which in turn can contribute to malnutrition.  Research demonstrates that approximately 50% of elderly Australian’s living in the community or aged care, are either malnourished or at high risk.

Protein is an essential nutrient to effectively maintain muscle mass, maintain strength and help you complete normal everyday activities.  As you age, your body requires approximately 50% more protein than younger people. Meeting your recommended daily protein intake can also help enhance the body’s immune functions and expedite recovery time from illnesses.

Many people think they need to consume meat in order to achieve their daily protein goals, however with the increase in plant-based protein enriched foods, there are other ways to reach your daily goals that may also be a much cheaper alternative.

Herman Brot have developed a full range of low carb, high protein, low GI staple foods – breads, buns, wraps, pasta and muesli. These products have all been developed using plant-based protein and are ideal options to help meet your daily protein requirements.

One or two slices of Herman Brot bread, even if it’s just served with vegemite, is a good source of protein.

Herman Brot’s Complete Protein Bread (which is our premium product) has 25.5g of protein per serve (2 slices) and the Lower Carb Bread has 23.6g of protein per serve (2 slices).

By adding a couple of slices of this delicious and nutritious bread into your diet each day, you’ll be making a good change to being able to age healthily and improve your overall good health.

Herman Brot breads have also been tested by a leading Sydney University and have been deemed suitable for inclusion in the diets of people living with Type 2 diabetes.  (These studies can be downloaded from our website).

In Australia 1 in 20 people are currently living with Type 2 Diabetes?*  That’s approximately 1.3 million people and statistics show the likelihood of Australians being diagnosed with Diabetes increases with age, with up to 20%* of those over the age 75 now living with the condition.

Type 2 Diabetes can be a preventable chronic disease and you can alter your diet to minimise your risk as you age.

After being diagnosed with Diabetes, it’s not uncommon for people to quickly exclude higher sources of carbohydrate such as a classic staple, bread. But what if you didn’t have to go without?

Research shows that eating Herman Brot breads (Lower Carb and Complete Protein) may result in lower, more sustained blood glucose levels compared to traditional bread. This is because they both boast a higher fibre and protein content which may alleviate those spikes in blood glucose levels and therefore reduce the need for additional insulin.*

If you haven’t been diagnosed with Diabetes, you may still be living with insulin resistance.  Additional weight around your waist, fatigue, carbohydrate cravings or extreme hunger are all signs that you may have insulin resistance?

Insulin resistance is not uncommon in women with hormonal conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome, or those who have experienced gestational diabetes. It can also make weight loss efforts more challenging.

Insulin resistance means your body begins struggling to process the digested sugars (carbohydrates) in your blood stream. So, to compensate your pancreas begins releasing more and more insulin to assist the movement of sugar into your muscles. Initially it does not cause high blood sugar levels, however these elevated insulin levels may affect your ability to burn fat, so it could increase your fat stores. Over time the insulin doesn’t work as effectively, and this could then lead to diabetes.

A key point is that you may have insulin resistance without knowing, as often this presents years before receiving a diabetes diagnosis.

If you do have insulin resistance, aiming to reduce your carbohydrate load at mealtime is recommended. This assists the body in not having to produce as much insulin, hence not contributing to excess fat stores.

Herman Brot bread is also a low GI carbohydrate source. This means it should assist with improving insulin sensitivity, as the higher fibre and protein content can help with the gradual release of glucose in the blood.

As well as the benefits already outlined above, these breads not only assist with providing adequate protein for general everyday healthy living, but they may also help with weight management.

The high protein content in each product will help leave you fuller for longer which in turn may reduce in between meal snacking, minimise those afternoon energy crashes and sweet cravings and leave you less hungry at mealtimes.

Herman Brot breads are available nationally in COLES, COSTCO, select Independent Supermarkets and Health Foods stores and online.

For more information on Herman Brot products visit –

Herman Brot is Australia’s leading manufacturer, supplier and innovator of Low Carb, High Protein, Low GI plant based staple foods. They currently have 6 production sites in Australia, 1 in the UAE and are currently in discussion with partners in UK and France.

 Herman Brot is committed to taking their range of demand driven products global and are always on the lookout for new business partners.

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All images: Supplied. 

This is a sponsored article produced in partnership with Herman Brot.

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