Dry, cracked heels can affect anyone. Wearing ill-fitting shoes, standing for long periods of time and chronic conditions such as diabetes can all contribute to the dry, thick skin on the bottom of your heels cracking and splitting.

In most cases, minor cracks are merely a nuisance and may be unattractive to look at, but if left untreated and the cracks become deeper, it can be painful to walk and can become infected.

Plunkett’s NS 8 Heel Balm is a natural, non-greasy heel balm designed for dry feet and cracked heels. NS 8 Heel Balm gently but effectively exfoliates thickened skin. The intensive cream formula is absorbed quickly and spreads easily to provide fast relief for rough, cracked and thickened heels. NS 8 Heel Balm is 98% natural and petroleum free.

NS 8 Heel Balm has a four-way action: Hydrates, softens, smooths and exfoliates.

NS 8 Heel Balm contains natural moisturisers with Natural Moisturising Factors, which are more easily absorbed and therefore are more effective in hydrating and softening the rough skin.

Natural exfoliants (from milk and fruit) gently but effectively remove thickened skin without the need for foot files or pumice stones, leaving your heels soft and smooth.

The non-greasy formula doesn’t stain and is not sticky, so bed socks aren’t needed. No slipping in shoes and no sliding on hard floors.

People with diabetes often experience less sensation in their feet and legs. It is vital to prevent dry skin, which can be itchy and result in skin infections causing complications. If you have diabetes you should check your feet regularly and wash your feet daily, carefully drying between your toes. Moisturise daily to prevent itchy skin, which can result in skin infections. Avoid walking in bare feet and wear shoes that fit well and don’t rub. Never use physical abrasion on your feet. NS 8 Heel Balm Complex is the best choice for feet and heels affected by diabetes.

Podiatrists recommend NS 8 Heel Balm because it feels good and really works. NS 8 Heel Balm absorbs quickly and provides intensive moisturisation plus exfoliation. It is ideal for patients with diabetes as no foot files are needed. It is natural and petroleum free.

The NS 8 Heel Balm formula contains a broad spectrum of natural moisturisers, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, plant extracts and exfoliants (AHAs) that work in synergy to remove thickened skin and deliver soft, smooth and supple feet and heels. It doesn’t contain petroleum, paraffin or propylene glycol. There is no aluminium, lanolin or parabens and no perfume or colour which can all potentially irritate dry or sensitive skin. NS 8 Heel Balm is not tested on animals.

NS 8 works quickly – you will feel the results in just one day and cracks are repaired quickly.

NS 8 Heel Balm is easy to use. Just massage a small amount into heels and feet at least twice a day until the skin is restored. Then use twice a week to maintain smooth, soft heels. NS 8 Heel Balm may cause a temporary tingling feeling. Don’t apply to weeping or broken skin, and if irritation occurs, discontinue use.

NS 8 Heel Balm is different to other heels balm. The creamy formula absorbs quickly and, unlike thick ointment-like balms, it spreads easily and is economical to use. It feels good and it works. Other heel balms are very greasy and messy; they can make your feet slip on hard floors, slide in shoes and can even stain carpets and bed sheets. NS 8 Heel Balm has a unique, non-greasy formula that absorbs quickly and gives fast results. NS 8 contains urea like other heel balms, but it also uses triglycerides (from coconut) to nourish and moisturise more effectively. NS 8 Heel Balm Complex gives you soft, smooth heels without the mess or fuss.

NS 8 Heel Balm is recommended for very dry, rough, cracked heels and feet as well as thickened or calloused heels and feet. It can also be used on rough skin on elbows, arms, knees and legs, and dry skin affected by diabetes.

NS 8 Heel Balm is also suitable for Xerosis (extremely dry skin), Keratosis Pilaris (small, hard bumps) and Ichthyosis (scaling of skin).

NS 8 Heel Balm comes in 75g and 125mL tubes, and a 250mL pump pack. Available from Pharmacies & Priceline and at www.NS 8.com.au

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This is a sponsored article produced in partnership with Plunkett Pharmaceuticals.

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