The WellO2 breathing exercise device is a non-medical device, brand new to Australia! Cold weather can be tough on all of us, but if you have asthma, winter can literally take your breath away. Asthma causes the airways to swell and narrow. When people with asthma are exposed to triggers — which make asthma symptoms worse — they might cough, wheeze or have trouble breathing. For many people, cold air is a common asthma trigger.

For many people, asthma is harder to control during winter months, for a few reasons. First, the cold, dry air can irritate your airways and cause the muscles inside to spasm. Then there’s all those cold and flu viruses going around. A cold or respiratory tract infection can exacerbate asthma symptoms.

Steam has been used to loosen tight phlegm from the airways for years – anyone who has been told to breathe over a bowl of warm water- or sit in a sauna – will know that steam is helpful in alleviating congestion. Steam plus RMT has been shown to help improve respiratory fitness and overall health and wellbeing.

Start training with your WellO2 device today. Many people report seeing the benefit of using their WellO2 in two to four weeks!

 5 Ways to get lung fit!

  1. Stay hydrated – It might seem simple but keeping well hydrated helps maintain the health of the mucosal lining in the lungs.
  2. Slow relaxed breaths -Deep breathing helps you to expand and allow your lungs to reach their full capacity.
  3. Nasal Breathing – Our nose is an important part of the respiratory system. It warms and humidifies the air we breathe and helps protect the airways from allergens, pollutants, and pathogens.
  4. Sit straight, stand tall and breathe with the diaphragm – Our lungs are soft structures, so making room for them to expand and contract as we breathe is incredibly important. Breathing patterns become abnormal with excessive use of the upper rib cage, which leads to insufficient use of the diaphragm while breathing.
  5. Invest in a WellO2 – Breathing exercise devices, such as WellO2 are beneficial not only for those experiencing ongoing respiratory concerns, but for individuals looking to engage in conscious breathing for everyday general wellness.

Hear from some of our very happy customers, WellO2 really can change lives!

“I have been using the Well02 for just over two weeks now and I’m starting to see a real improvement with my Asthma, which is always at its worst in Spring. For the first week, I used the breathing device for 5 minutes in the morning then 5 mins at night. I must say, it was a very strange feeling when I first started using the device and I did notice that it would make me cough, which I understand is normal. Due to the coughing, I did take a few free breaths between each inhalation which helped. By the second week I was using the device 10 minutes x 2 a day. I am no longer coughing and have adapted very well. I found the set up of the device very easy but I did watch the YouTube video to make sure I was doing it correctly. I am pleased to say, since using the device, my use of ventolin has decreased. This alone is a huge advantage. I have also noticed I’m not as “puffed” out as I usually am on my nightly walks. I’m looking forward to seeing the continued benefits.” – Melissa H, NSW

“I suffer from asthma and chronic bronchitis resulting in difficulty breathing and regularly coughing up thick mucus. The mucus is hard to cough up at times and makes it hard to breathe so I was expecting big things on my first use. It was much gentler than I imagined and although I felt slightly dizzy using it I did cough up a bit of mucus, my initial thoughts were I wanted it hotter and harder but I felt a bit more free in my chest after the first few days.

After the first week I was really feeling it under my lower ribs like “real” exercise. I’m not sure if I am doing it too hard as sometimes it makes a whistling noise and I can’t find anywhere in the instructions or online if this is a good or bad thing.

I’ve now upped it to level 2 and things are going well – this level seems better suited to me for some reason although I did miss a few days which resulted in an itchy throat feeling like I was getting a cold. The one thing I find difficult is finding the time to fill it, clean it and use it. I would prefer it just sat in the room and I could breathe it in as it did the work and I could do other things without having to hold it. I do love how small it is though – you can just store it away out of sight.

Overall I highly recommend it as I’ve had some relief from my chronic symptoms – my chest and nose feel clearer, and breathing easier. I’m also not as affected by pollution and smokers as I was before.” – Rachel K

“I am into my third week of using Wello2. My Asthma is Bronchial and generally comes on with the dampness or cold weather (particularly night air). Given my location in Qld, there are not too many very cold nights at this time of the year (October) although the humidity can also play a part at times, it isn’t too late. I have found the Well02 to be more beneficial to me now at night prior to going to bed, I think it helps open the airways and helps me relax a little more going to sleep. I did get up one night with a breathing problem and used the Wello2 at 3am to assist with breathing and I did find the steam did help and also helped me relax to return to sleep., I also find dismantling the parts for cleaning is much easier now than it was in the beginning, they were very stiff to move initially. I would certainly say that the device has been useful to me during the period I have been using it.” – Glenys Davison,

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