Why Kids Should Get Busy in the Kitchen

Sarah Elton, author of Starting From Scratch, explains how to inspire budding chefs and food lovers.

Why Kids Should Get Busy in the Kitchen

What do kids learn in the kitchen?
I’ve found that when kids cook, they’re more likely to taste new foods and, well, eat dinner! More than once, I’ve watched in dismay as my children refused to eat what I’d prepared. But when they’re involved in the cooking, they’re invested in the meal.

Why is it important for kids to learn about food?
A UK study found that if a child learns to cook from scratch, they’ll be far more likely to do the same as an adult – and preparing food from scratch is linked to healthier eating. It’s an investment in their future.

What should budding chefs attempt first?
Whichever type your child loves to eat. If they love macaroni cheese or roast chicken, take the cue and empower them to make the foods they love.

How can parents get their kids engaged in the kitchen?
Choose a day of the week that isn’t packed with commitments. Spend time with your kids beforehand and find a recipe they’d like to try. Make sure you have the ingredients in advance, and be nearby to help or supervise as your children prepare the meal. Parents need to take a step back and let their children have more time in the kitchen – it does so much for their sense of independence.

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