Use these painless strategies to increase your cash stash.

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1. Find your hidden savings accounts
1. Find your hidden savings accounts

Take your savings wherever you find them, even if they aren’t in the bank.

“You can definitely start with the change in the middle console of your car,” said Sheldon Crow, branch manager at Bellco Credit Union in Arvada, Colorado.

“If it works for you, that is a savings account.”

Guys who toss their pocket change each night into a jar or drawer may be astonished at how much they’ve piled up in change.

Do you have gift cards lingering in your wallet, a pile of tips you haven’t bothered to deposit, store credit, a cash-back account you’re ignoring, or a reloadable charge card you forgot you reloaded?

Maybe you let your PayPal or Venmo account balance increase whenever you sell something on eBay or a friend pays you back for a night out.

Honor your cash-stashing habits as creative ways to save money, whatever they are.

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