Five tips for successful and safe solo travel

Thinking about holidaying alone, but a bit concerned about the pitfalls? You needn't worry if you consider these tips first.

Five tips for successful and safe solo travel

Planning an adventure on your own? Here’s your guide to friend-making, risk-taking and positive thinking while you’re off discovering yourself.

1. Safety

Unless you positively invite danger – i.e. strolling around a pitchblack park at 4am with headphones on – travelling alone isn’t actually that risky. The biggest peril is being taken for a ride. Literally, in the case of taxi drivers: always ask for an estimated fare before setting off. Otherwise, try to never look like a tourist; instead, exude assurance.

Carry ID and always keep a back-up. Ensure that someone else knows your itinerary and commit to regular contact with them.


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