There is nothing quite like being a newlywed. Everything feels new and exciting, every day feels like a holiday, with all your thoughts shrouded in a warm rosy haze. And, of course, the crowning jewel of this exciting period, the honeymoon. That incredibly unique time in which you and your partner are whisked away on a trip, dedicated to romance and love.

Of course, it seems a little unfair that you only get to experience that once, after all, it’s a truly regenerative and happy trip that you’ll no doubt remember as a defining moment in time for you and your significant other. So, we’ve decided to change that rule. Here we detail the honeymooner’s guide on how to have the ultimate romantic getaway; the best second, third, or fourth honeymoon that you’ll get to experience.

Pick a special place at an opportune time
The way to kickstart your intimate escape is to find the ultimate destination. So, how do you pick this? Find somewhere with meaning for the two of you. Perhaps it’s a warm, beachside utopia, that you’ve both discussed wanting to go to. Or alternatively, a metro minibreak to wine and dine and live out your cosmopolitan dreams. Regardless of where it is, there are a plethora of weekend getaway deals for couples in which you can freely choose your ideal destination for which to base your romantic getaway.

Now that you’ve chosen your ideal destination, it’s time to pick when to pack your bags and set sail. Whilst it might be tempting to run off to your idyllic beachside escape during mid-December or January, remember that chances are, everybody else had that plan too. Instead, pick an off-season date, steer clear of school holidays and instead pick a time that won’t be packed with people. Not only will this be far less expensive, but it will also ensure that you get a table and that must-try restaurant, or can take a beach stroll without hordes of people trailing behind you.

Leave the kids at home
If you want to celebrate your love like a newlywed, then the ultimate tip is to leave the kids at home. When you have children, they are no doubt the centre of your world, and you love every moment with them, but even the most devoted parent needs a break sometimes. It’s vital to spend some time along with your partner, and that should extend to having a romantic trip sans the kids.

Take some time to rediscover the romance and be truly present with your partner, ensuring they feel loved and appreciated. Even a simple weekend together can reinvigorate the relationship and bring the two of you closer together. So, book a babysitter, kiss your babies goodbye, and off you go on your loved-up adventure, they’ll love hearing all the stories when you get back.

Unplug when possible
We can all be tempted to share every second of our trips with our social media followers. Who doesn’t want to show off the crystal blue water and happy, if not slightly sunburned, faces that belong to two people in love on a holiday together? But, it’s important to switch off the phone and actually spend time with your partner. Similarly to the reason you’d choose to have this time as a “grown-ups only” trip away from the kids, you should stay present and show your love just how much you appreciate them.

Treat this trip as a second, or first, honeymoon, really getting to know each other again, and seeing the world through rose-coloured rims. Of course, in this day and age, it’s difficult to completely surrender your technology, so checking in on occasion to see what the latest gossip is, say hi to your kids or upload a happy snap is totally fine, just as long as you don’t spend your trip reacquainting yourself with your social media, instead of your partner.

Take it slow
Many holidays have a stiff itinerary, every second is accounted for. When you’re in a new place it is natural to want to see and do as much as possible, after all, that’s why you’re there. But on a romantic getaway, things are a little different. The reason you’re there is to spend quality time with your special person, and the location is merely a pleasant backdrop in which to illuminate your days together.

So, with that in mind. Rather than spending your time prior to your trip, booking everything you can find that is remotely in the vicinity of your accommodation; book a few dinners, a couples massage or something of that nature, and maybe one special surprise, but other than that, take the days as they come. If you want to lie in bed and watch sweet, nostalgic films together, then that’s what you should do.  If you want to laze on the beach until the sun disappears, and then take a leisurely late dinner, then that is the intended plan.

A romantic getaway is always going to be wonderful. A dedicated time away in which your only rule is to enjoy a trip with your partner, sign us up! Of course, with these extra tips, we hope that your happy holiday can be extra loving, and extra special.

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